Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Toys

I decided to make my own pattern for a different style elephant, then that turned into more toys (off the base pattern) a koala, cat, and pig.  Lots of fun to make!  I'm thinking of selling the pattern (pdf) on etsy sometime soon.  I'll set up a link when it's done!





New pink and grey Dresses

I'm loving the pink and grey combo!!!  
I've made two styles, bird with rope legs; and screen print bird with flowers.  I love making dresses, they are like a blank canvas, and each one is like an individual art piece.... even if it is kooky and child-like!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Owls, Pouches and skirts ...New stuff!

And the newbies for this month are...

Large Owls $24
(both sizes filled with lentils)

Small Owls  $12
 Funky pouches $24
can fit- Apple ipad
Motorolla Tablet (snug fit)
Can be used as a  hobby pouch, ie for crochet
or also a nappy wallet, to sort out those baby needs in your bag!

Phone pouches $9
(or 2 for $15)

Mini notepads $6

Funky skirts $25-$35

...More bags!

Will be at the markets next Saturday.... near Irish Murphy's (Gladstone st) as long as weather isnt too bad!