Friday, December 30, 2011

Competition winners

And the winners are-

Kate J - Bag
Aimee - Hector
Lollipop - Phone pouch

Congratulations!  Thanks for entering!!!!
Have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December giveaway

Giveaway time again!!!!   Been so busy here, I've not been able to do any, SO..... I'll be having 3 this month!!!
So here they are - 

A)  Red "Japanese style Fabric" bag, with Zip, adjustable strap and 3 inner pockets. Good medium size, 35cm wide.

 B) Hector the Elephant

 C) Phone pouch - 8 by 13cm, fits most phones, and some small cameras
conditions of entry- 

1.You need to be a member of this blog (Just click "Follow" to join; and you'll be informed of any other giveaways/new products too).

2. When posting your comment (which will be your entry) You will need to tell me your order of preference of giveaways.  And why it is you like your first choice the best!!  So your post might read-

"I love the Red bag, it'll go with my new funky red shoes and its great to jazz up any outfit.  Next I'd love the phone pouch, then the elephant toy."    Lisa Y.

The first person drawn, will get their first preference, second will get their top preference of what's left, and the last person will get the last thing left of the 3 items.  I'm happy to post items anywhere.

Comp closes/Winners Drawn 8pm Fri 30th December 2011.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Phone pouches

 Phone pouches $9 ea or 2 for $15
They are 8cm wide, 13cm tall, fit most phones and small cameras.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Screen printed bibs, wooden birds and button nosed toys

I made a few neutral screen printed bibs, for those people buying for those parents expecting a "surprise".  Also for those people who are not sure which styles/patterns/colours parents like, these will be a good choice.
Medium size bibs $8
small size bibs $6

Wooden birds on a branch, these first few are $22.
Hang them up or put them on a shelf. 
 A cute funky design for your kids room

Button nosed toys, made from old tops/jumpers.  Very lovable!  Prices range from $16-$19.
Here's Barkley, Iggy and Cornelius.  
 For kids over 3yrs..... plenty of adults buy them too

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Toys

I decided to make my own pattern for a different style elephant, then that turned into more toys (off the base pattern) a koala, cat, and pig.  Lots of fun to make!  I'm thinking of selling the pattern (pdf) on etsy sometime soon.  I'll set up a link when it's done!





New pink and grey Dresses

I'm loving the pink and grey combo!!!  
I've made two styles, bird with rope legs; and screen print bird with flowers.  I love making dresses, they are like a blank canvas, and each one is like an individual art piece.... even if it is kooky and child-like!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Owls, Pouches and skirts ...New stuff!

And the newbies for this month are...

Large Owls $24
(both sizes filled with lentils)

Small Owls  $12
 Funky pouches $24
can fit- Apple ipad
Motorolla Tablet (snug fit)
Can be used as a  hobby pouch, ie for crochet
or also a nappy wallet, to sort out those baby needs in your bag!

Phone pouches $9
(or 2 for $15)

Mini notepads $6

Funky skirts $25-$35

...More bags!

Will be at the markets next Saturday.... near Irish Murphy's (Gladstone st) as long as weather isnt too bad!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tube scarves - New addition this month

Trying to keep warm this winter?   Bearbumz now has tube scarves, a small collection to start with, to see how they go!   We all like to be warm, fashionable and for a cheap price.  Accesserising is awesome, we can wear what ever plain clothing we like, add a funky scarfe and earrings, and your looking good!

Tube scarfe
 plus free earrings (of your choice)  $20

As of June, I will not be updating older posts with current stock, as I just dont have the time!!  Older posts will showcase a "gallery" of pictures; and if you like something, then I sell at Salamanca Market, Hobart.  It would be a good idea to email me first though!  I am there most of the time.  If you are an international customer pls contact me and we can arrange something!   Other than that, I'll post new updates when i can.... and the odd competition too!!!!   

Other stuff - Screen printed pants/Dresses

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Competition winner.... could it be you??

And the grey pleat bag now belongs to.....

Jessica Barnes!!

Yay congrats!!!! 

winner picked by  (random number generator).

More freebies to win, I'll let you know when!!

Hope you all have a good week!!

(Jess I'll contact you thru the week to arrange delivery)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Giveaway - Grey Pleat Bag

Finally Bearbumz is having its first giveaway!!!   This bag is around $45 worth..... all you have to do is

1. join this blog
2. Post a comment!

The winner will be drawn  8pm Thurs 31st March.  All entries up until then will be included.  If you want win it for someone else, thats fine too.

The Grey Pleat bag is funky in design - every body loves it -  and is a good medium size.  And best of all- ITS FREE.  Postage is Australia is free.  $5 for international postage.

ps. the tree is not part of the freebie!! Its made by Otekah


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Screen printed t-shirts, hair accessories, peek a boo bags and other stuff

Hi.... here's a sneak peek of some new stuff!
All other stuff has been updated in the other categories too.

T-shirts $15

Lavender hearts $5

Hair clips, twin bobby pins and hair bands. $6 single, $8 twin

Peek a boo bags large $20

Let your baby discover what goodies are hiding in the bag; you can put whatever you like in it. 
6-18mo.  Not for older toddlers who may be able to open!

Check out the other new goodies!!

...More kooky toys

Zombies and giraffes $7

Stay tuned for some competitions coming up soon!