Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tube scarves - New addition this month

Trying to keep warm this winter?   Bearbumz now has tube scarves, a small collection to start with, to see how they go!   We all like to be warm, fashionable and for a cheap price.  Accesserising is awesome, we can wear what ever plain clothing we like, add a funky scarfe and earrings, and your looking good!

Tube scarfe
 plus free earrings (of your choice)  $20

As of June, I will not be updating older posts with current stock, as I just dont have the time!!  Older posts will showcase a "gallery" of pictures; and if you like something, then I sell at Salamanca Market, Hobart.  It would be a good idea to email me first though!  I am there most of the time.  If you are an international customer pls contact me and we can arrange something!   Other than that, I'll post new updates when i can.... and the odd competition too!!!!   

Other stuff - Screen printed pants/Dresses

1 comment:

  1. Love those scarfs! They look awesome!
    My niece looks so cute in the screen print dress that i brought off you!